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Google Pixel 5 and 5XL – Reverse Wireless Charging technique Overview and What to Expect?

Google Pixel 5, 5XL Release Date
Google Pixel 5, 5XL Release Date

The range of Pixel smartphones from the tech giant Google itself are well-known premium ranged handset devices that are going to, head the premium Android smartphone market once again.

What other surprises are waiting for you?

Will it be a Hit in the Market or Flop?  What will be the best and unique features once again included in the Pixel 5 and Pixel 5XL? Let us find out our Maximum.

Google Pixel 5 and 5XL – An Overview and What to expect?


Launched its first smartphone in 2013, Under the brand name of Pixel.

Since then, Google Pixel has put up an equal show with premium smartphones and their brands like OnePlus and Samsung in Android and Apple in iOS.

Continuously updating the smartphone and experiencing the latest updates for the first time is the best thing about Pixel compared to other premium smartphone companies.

It has always impressed its fans with its updates and features which came out as a surprise.

It also never has ever let down the hopes and expectations from the users of Pixel.

Google Pixel 5 and 5XL – The one feature to look out for?


The reports say that the Pixel 5 and the Pixel 5XL will be added and released with the feature of Reverse Wireless Charging technique.

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So undoubtedly this will be the unique selling proposition for Google Pixel 5 and 5XL for this season.

Such a great technology and impressive advancement in the battery and power field of smartphones.

So the Reverse Wireless Charging technique is all about using your smartphone as a Wireless power bank to give away power to other devices.

Yes, devices like earbuds, Wireless headphones, wireless speakers, smartwatches, smart bands, and many such devices can be connected and charged using this technology with your Smartphone.

It can be shortly put down as Battery Sharing as it is going to make a revolutionary change in the market.

Even though there were other devices that already released Battery Sharing or Reverse Wireless Technology, Google Pixel 5 and 5XL would be among the first ones to feature this technology.

Google Pixel smartphones are created under Google Devices Development.

The other phones to use the same technology before including Samsung galaxy S20 and Note 10 and also Huawei’s P30 Pro and Mate 300.