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Good To Hear That Actress “Amanda Bynes” Is Finally Pregnant

Amanda Bynes is an American actress ,from los Angeles .She is a great actress and known for her work in televisions and films.

Is actress Amanda Bynes actually pregnant?

Actress Amanda Bynes is a 33 years old actress and her ex fiance paul Michael is 28 years old.

Paul has uploaded a photo of him and Amanda  and made a statement and that statement signifies that they are planning for a baby.

Amanda has also uploaded her sonography pictures and selfie of her on instagram on Tuesday making a statement that the baby is about to come  and frequently deleted it…! 

So it is sure that Amanda is pregnant from having a look at the statements made by Amanda and Paul.

Amanda herself opens up the secret of her first baby after Paul made the statement .

Are the couple’s still together?

The couple was engaged on valentine’s day but their engagement was a suspense because Amanda has not made clear about her partner …her only words was that she loves him so much. and after that It was in the news that Paul and Amanda had broken up last month .She was in a kind of twisted relationship which is on and off often but it seems that they are again together,like a happy couple…! 

But according to Paul ,someone just hacked the Instagram accounts of the couple’s and deleted the couple’s pictures from the profile of both and sended a message to the public that they are breaking up and both were unable to login their insta accounts…but according to Paul ,they never broke up ,it was misdeeds of some third person.

But she herself has confirmed her first pregnancy.What are the  desires of a girl?A perfect partner…and it seems that Amanda has got that in paul.

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According to some news ,Amanda is under some health treatment and some kind of residential therapy because she has got some addictions.she is suffering  from some kind of trauma from her childhood .!!

Hope she will be well soon as her baby is about to come .

Stay tuned for further updates.