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Good Omens Season 2: Prime Video Release Date, Cast, Plot and Lots More

In March 2019, Amazon Prime in collaboration with BBC released Good Omens. The show highlights the existence of humanity in today’s world of uncertainties. Public in general received the show with great appreciation and adulation. However the thought of renewing the show for a second season was shelved then.

Last Week Amazon Prime Updated the News That It Will Release Good Omens Season 2 Around 2021.

Plot of Good Omens Season 2

Plot behind the story revolves around the life of Crowley and Aziraphale. Crowley is the devil who devises plans to lay waste to humankind.

Aziraphale on the other hand intends to save the existence of life on the planet. Their ideologies conflict and we find both of them arguing with each other.

However they, at point of time, come across news that world as we know it would come to an end on a Saturday. Distressed and anguished, Aziraphale looks to strategize methods to save the planet.

Crowley who till then acted as Devil, does something opposite to his nature. He decides to help Aziraphale in his objective to save human life.

The novel from which this series is adapted talks about how the devil becomes the angel in time of need. Satanization of culture is one of the primary controversies which surrounded the show.

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Actors have always stood by the writers claim on account of the storyline.

Cast Details of Good Omens Season 2

Cast members are primarily British as this show as a London setting to it. Prominent actors like Charlie Sheen plays the character of Aziraphale. David Tennant on the other hand plays the character of Crowley.

Other actors who are associated with the second part of the series are Jack Whitehall, John Hamm and Miranda Richardson.

Release Date of Good Omens Season 2

The idea of releasing a second season was initially scrapped. Some amount of negative reviews about the concepts in first season discouraged the producers.

Fans were unhappy with the religious propaganda that the film stood for. Some section of the fans also revolted against the title of the series stating it to be an attack on Christianity.

However the directors have taken a bold move to start filming for the series. It is slated to release in 2021.

There’s some level of excitement among the people who have been ardent followers of the show.