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Good Omens Season 2 : Aired Date, Arrival, Cast and More Details We Need to Know About It

Have you ever thought about what would happen if an Angel or a Devil were happen to visit our planet, The Earth? Good Omens is that show which perfectly depicts this thought. Good Omens is a televised adaptation on a novel of the same name, which is written by Sir Tony Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

So far, only one season has been released on television network BBC and on digital platform, Amazon Prime Video and it received massive response from the onlookers, who became instant fans of the show. And now they are anticipating for an update about season 2. Well, you are in the right place as we got all the updates and information regarding Season 2 of Good Omens. Read to know more.

When Will Season 2 of Good Omens Will Release?

The mini series based on the 1990 novel, was released on May 31, 2019 with a total of six episodes. It’s a co – production project between BBC Studios and Amazon Prime. Neil Gaiman, who’s one of the author of the novel on which the series based was also the showrunner for the show.

As of now, there are no official updates or any announcements made by the makers regarding season 2 release date. But if there’s ever going to be a season 2, we can expect it to fall somewhere around late – late 2020 or an early 2021 release.

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What Will Be the Plot for Season 2?

The show features Michael Sheen sacred yet a fussy angel Aziraphale and David Tennant as loloose living devil – Crowley.

They both are send to Earth and became very fond of living there. The two are forced together to form an alliance to complete a mission. The mission is to stop the approaching Armageddon. But how will they stop it? To do this, they have to find the missing Antichrist, who happens to be an 11 year old boy, who isn’t even aware of what he has to do.

No trailers, no updates are there about what we will see in Season 2, but we are sure that will be a pure fun as both the main characters will try to find the Antichrist and their attempt to stop the Armageddon.