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Good Friday Images, Wishes and Quotes Which You Will Definitely Love

Good Friday is an important part for the Christians. It is also known as Black Friday,Holy Friday and great Friday.The Christians are generally observed to fast on this day along with several other worship services and prayers. It occurs once in a year, and it is observed on the Friday immediately after the Easter Sunday. The actual dates depend on the Julian and Gregorian calendar, which varies. It is considered to be a legal holiday in a major part of Western countries.

Though no traditional celebrations take place, yet this day is regarded to be a holy and sacred day for the Christians. Usually, Christians belonging to Eastern Orthodox, Methodist, Oriental Orthodox, Lutheran and Catholic are observed to fast and practice church worships on this holy day.

Why is it called so?

This day marks the crucifixion portraying the sufferings and the death of Jesus. But the question arises, in spite of the fact that this day has nothing positive and is full of grief, still why is it regarded as “Good Friday.”This is because since the day crucifixion of Jesus occurred, everything started to turn the opposite to what it was used to be before. Jesus was hung to bear the results of our sins. The Easter which is followed by Good Day. This day portrays Jesus’s suffering to save humanity from all the sins.

It depicts that God had done justice to those who believe in Jesus. On that day, Jesus had shown us the right path to live for humanity, where he took all our punishments and blessed the humanity with peace and mercy.

Quotes and Wishes Related to Good Friday

This day is quite important, as this had taught us to live selflessly.The act of always letting the humanity above everything else should be our major concern like Jesus had done. It marks sadness and sacrifice. The Christians pray that with the commencement of this day, all the sorrows which the world is facing might get over. It urges the Christians to believe in Jesus and to have faith in him. The whole of the Christian community prays for strength and happiness for the world. Some of the quotes are as follows-

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