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Godzilla vs. Kong : Release Date, Cast, Production Running Smooth

Almost every kid growing up in may have watched the movies where huge, gigantic monsters that have been creating havoc and mayhem on the planet Earth and may have terrified their childhood also making it the most memorable one. Well, we are talking about one of the specific monster that has been on his duty since the 1950s, Godzilla.

The fictional character first appeared in Japanese movies and manga series in 1954. Since then the fictional character got much of keen onlookers from America and started appearing in his own movie series. And it has appeared in many of the films, under his own name which has earned a lot of good fortune. Well, for the fans of Godzilla, here comes some surprising yet good news. We will be seeing Godzilla facing off not with humans, but with a creature who’s as big and havoc creator as he is. We are talking about King Kong.

All About Godzilla vs Kong

It will not be the first time we will see both the humongous creatures facing off with each other. There’s been already a film about the epic battle between the two. The Japanese film titled “King Kong vs Godzilla” was first movie to showcase this battle in 1962. And in that film, Godzilla was the winner of the showdown. Almost 60 years later, we will see another version, yet the face off once again. Fans are quite anticipating to watch the film.

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Release Date of Godzilla vs Kong

The film was initially set for a release in May 2019. But the creators were not satisfied with the end result and wanted perfection for the film. So the pushed back the release date. Now, we do have an official release date.

Godzilla vs Kong will release on November 20, 2020.

Although some fans thinks that due to the ongoing crisis happening around the world, the film may be pushed away further.

Godzilla vs Kong: Cast and Crew in the Film

The responsibility for helming the direction of the film is taken by Adam Wingard. The movie is produced by Legendary Entertainment. The script writing for the film is done by Terry Rosio, Max Borenstein, Eric Pearson.

In the cast, we will see Millie Bobby Brown, Kyle Chandler, Julian Dennison, Alexander Skarsgård, Eiza González, Rebecca Hall, Zhang Ziyi and many more talented actors.