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Godfall Is Confirmed to Release on PS5

The great news for the die-hard fans of gamers is, the new game, Godfall, is launching soon. Along with this good news, another great news is it is going to launch on PlayStation 5. In the Future of Gaming Event held on Thursday, the Sony Interactive Entertainment confirmed that Godfall will come on PS5. Further, the PlayStation 5 will have more advanced and innovative featured and characteristics.

When Will the Game, Godfall Come on the Playstation 5?

The Gearbox is the publisher of the game, Godfall, and the Counterplay is the developer. However, in the event, the team members of Gearbox released the trailer. Sony told that this game will release in the year 2020. It may release in any of the following months,  October, November, or December 2020. The Godfall is one of the games that is going to release on PS5 in the year 2020. But, this is the first game that Sony announced it will launch on the PlayStation 5. Also, the trailer was out in the Future of Gaming event. The trailer of this game was the first trailer of PS5 games to be out. So, people are excited to play the game soon.

About The Godfall:

The Godfall is the looter-slasher game. However, the world inside the game is divided into five distinct components. They are Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit. In this game, there is a special system, named, drop-in-drop out. This system lets the three players to play at once in one team. Also, this game offers a single-player mode. This game comprises powerful fight weapons and supernatural powers. In the trailer, people can see the spoiler of the world, Aperion. A player has to move on in the game going through this Aperion.

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What Is the Gameplay of the Game, Godfall?

The game, Godfall is a fantasy game. As this game comprises five components, a player has to enroll himself into any of the roles of the Knight’s Order. By using this role, a player needs to save the world from destruction. Additionally, a player can choose any one character out of the three. The types of weapons, armor sets, and Valorplates vary depending upon the character a player chooses. A player needs to complete the tasks and loot whatever he gets while completing the tasks. So, this game is called as a looting-slasher game.  People will love this game to play. Also, this game will earn more number of downloaders.