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God of War 5(Game): Release Date, Cast, and What You Should Know

Well, are you ready for the next war series? Are you a game lover? If you have both choices to be positive, then there is good news for you that the God of War game is soon going to release. It is in the development of the trilogy.

God of War is Sony’s franchise that is a single-player game against service titles. The company will keep its focus on single-player history; either it goes for live service games. Before the release of God of War PS4, there is a confirmation that God of War will develop first in the trilogy.

God of War Is Amazing As the Final Entry

The company Sony Santa Monica is presently focusing on the God of War. It is for sure that God of War will launch on PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4. God of War 5 will surely launch on PlayStation 5 or even PlayStation 5 Pro.

However, director Corey Barlog does not show much interest in launching more war games in the coming generation. According to him, the next generation of consoles needs a lot of work, which would take a long time. However, Sony will make sure to ask Sony Santa Monica for the new launch.

Descriptions on God of War and Major Villains

Kratos will resume his role back from where he left in PS4. He will make sure to move through the new areas to kill gods. But this time, he will do all this to save his son. Aretus has a future vision where Thor would come to the children’s house to seek revenge.

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Freya is Balya’s mother, and she is not happy with Kratos to kill her beloved son. Along with this, there will be many enemies in Kratos’s life, but we cannot say anything until the game is out.

God of Wars 5 Release Date

God of War 5 will surely come by this year. Also, it can be present at PlayStation 2020. Sony launched E3 last year. The release date of God of War is around mid-2021 after the trailer is launched in 2020. Once they announce the launch of the game, we can, however, guess what the release date could be for this new game. So stay tuned!