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God of War 5 We Have Got Some Good News For You

God of war is a video game based on the action and the adventure. The game is developed by the Santa Monica studio and directed by Cory Barlog.

The 8th installment of the God of the war series released in 2018 on 20th April 2005’s installment of the god of war was the highest-rated game in the series of the god of war.

This game wins many awards and also the game of the year award, also nominated for many other awards.

This game sells 5 million copies of the game just in a month to all over the world. This game is also based on a novel.

It is a 3D video game. In 2013 the game added a new feature to this game and that is multiplayer.

As talking about the gameplay of the game, the player jumps anytime in the game. The player controls the fighting sequence of its character in the game, the new part of the game has different features that the previous ones.

Characters in the game: god of war!!

  • Kratos
  • Aterus, young son of Kratos
  • Laufey, new wife of Kratos
  • Baldur, the god and brother of Thor
  • Modi and Magni, sons of Baldur
  • Odin and Vanir, parents of Baldur
  • Mimir
  • Brok
  • Sindri
  • Athena
  • Zeus
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What about season 5 of the game god of war?

The director of the game releasing its upcoming season 5 of the god of war for the play station 4.

The upcoming game shows a new life for the Kratos and Atreus, father and son. Game 5 is coming with a new exciting story and brand new features for the video game lovers.

Well the game god of war season 5 is not confirming yet because it also needed some changes in the play station console. But if there are rumors so there are also some chances that it will come. So it this article we will tell you about the releasing date and the plot of season 5 of the game.

When season 5 of the game is going to release?

Well, season 5 of the game is not announced by any production company of the game. But there is a new teaser released by them so there are chances that a new game is also coming soon.

In an interview, the director of the game states that there are chances of the 5 new parts of the game but next day he also said that he was just joking and there are no new plans.