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God of War 5 slated for a 2022 release?

Crowd favourite Freya to be the antagonist? The gaming world is excited, nevertheless!

The release of God of War 5 seems to have gained the attention of digital gamers and mythology lovers just as this decade started off. The critical and commercial success of the series has put the God of War franchise at the centre of the limelight on single-player games. The gaming world expects an early release of the same, as series director Cory Barlog hinted his plan of five more games within six months of the release of God of War 4, in 2018. The new installment would hit the shelves around 2022, going by popular comments.

Developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, the action-adventure game franchise seems to have aged like fine wine, with every installment better than the predecessor since the original God of War (2005). The series has received critical acclaim for its high end narrative and art direction, graphics, design, music and sound effects, characters and combats.

God of War 5 is assumed to be one of the last major single player games to release on the PlayStation 4, with PlayStation 5 slated for a probable release around 2021. Gamers look forward to better graphics, thrilling adventures, nerve wracking fights and amazing visual and sound effects, better than the previous installment which showcased an amazing experience as well; and the gamers can wait no more.

Along with a picture of herself in a motion capture suit, narrative animator Kim Newman’s tweet “Feels good to be back in the suit. @SonySantaMonica” seems to have gotten the hopes of gamers up even as the developers remain silent on its release.

Aaron Kaufman, senior online community strategist with Sony Santa Monica had earlier stated that the future installments would be based on the Norse trilogy as the former installment released in April, 2018 and wouldn’t need its players to have played the previous installment for better understanding.

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The new one would be, like before, set in ancient Norway in the realm of Midgard, and would have Kratos (voice over by Christopher Judge) remain the only playable character and protagonist, Atreus (voice over by Sunny Suljic), and Freya (voice over by Danielle Bisutti), the former queen of the Valkyries as the three central characters. It is expected to be an adaptation of the events of Ragnarok which may find the death of the mighty Norse gods like Odin, Thor and Loki, and have Kratos and Loki take on Odin, Freya and Thor. We hope to see the events carry on to God of War 6 as well.

With no other strong female character throughout the series, Freya seems to have garnered a huge fan following. Tagged as one of the most engaging, intense and troubling characters in the series, she has become the face of a whole new dimension-parenthood-along with Kratos, as she expresses her willingness to die instead of her son, just so that she wouldn’t have to go through a mother’s pain of watching her own son die. We can expect this dimension to flow into the coming installment. Painted as a challenging warrior rising from agony and pain, and an over protective mother, Freya is expected to be the main antagonist in God of War 5.

As Freya promises to inflict agony and violence on Kratos and Atreus, we see the rise of an even stronger opponent than Odin. However, the series would see a violent ending if Kratos is to pursue the antagonist the same way as his previous challengers. Gamers wouldn’t certainly want the new installment to end in a blood bath and see their favourites perish, would they?