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Goblin Slayer” is Coming Back For Season 2, This Is What We Know About The News

“Goblin Slayer” is going to be coming pretty soon for season 2. The series was created by Kumo Kagyu and illustrated by Noboru Kannatuki.


The series mainly focuses on the protagonist whose job is simply slaying the goblins in a world which is filled with demons and monsters of the dungeons.

Throughout the timeline, Not many people are interested in the show as it turns out to be the worst of it’s kind.

In this, we have a Demon Lord who every 10 years or so come to Earth with his army of demons and monsters and Goblin Slayer has devoted his life to slaying these creatures for good.


The show quite slack off on the basis of social ideas and the whole environment of the series is compact like the helmet of the Goblin Slayer, it’s a one-way road down the alley.

Other than that, the team which he leads has no real names like a human, High Elf Archer, Lizard Priest are some of the names which are given to these characters which make it sounds more like a video game.

The series is although quite gruesome and some of the scenes are really intense like “Berserk”.

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The series has characters who have nothing to do other than slaying monsters and these characters also have no inside story of their happy normal life which also doesn’t relate to people a lot.

The series is going to have a second season and also a movie is going to be there for this, other than that there is no official announcement regarding the release date or no first look of trailer is there.


But the creators have confirmed that the show is going to have a second season as its viewership is still quite better than the rest of the anime.

So, those who are relentlessly waiting about this, no need to worry as by the end of the year, we could be able to see more of ” Goblin Slayer”.