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Goblin Season 2 and Is There Any Confirmed Release Date?

Goblin or as it is famously known as God is Great and Lonely is a Korean Drama Series. It talks about the story of the mythical powers of God and how the humanistic sentiments in the heart of a God can change his entire life. Upon its release in 2016, it became the third highest-grossing Korean Drama of all time. It premiered from 2016 to 2017 on tvN. With critically acclaimed reviews for its performance, it truly has over time become a television phenomenon. Some of the scenes and dialogues in the series have become memorable quotes which are constantly shared on social media. There is a huge audience for the show in South Korea who even buy the merchandise based on the show. Here are some details about the second season of the show.

Goblin Season 2: Plot

The story of Goblin revolves around God and his supernatural existence. We are introduced to Goblin, who is possessed with the curse of extraordinary abilities and immortality. Thus he is in search for the love and bride of his life. Once he falls in love, he can remove this dagger of immortality from his heart and can die peacefully. He has survived on earth for 939 years and has seen some of his closest friends and family members die. His one and only responsibility is to protect the plight of human beings through his incredible abilities. Goblin lives in an apartment with the Grim Reaper.

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A person who has the responsibility of guiding the souls once they have left the bodies. The great love of Goblin is a high school student, who regularly faces new challenges in life. Due to her past life links, she can see things that no one around her can see. Then she meets Goblin and falls in love with him. Sunny, another beautiful girl crosses path with the Grim Reaper. Now the story is all about how these four lives intertwine.

Goblin Season 2: Release Date

Upon the arrival and finale of Season 1, it was watched by a huge audience cap internationally. Then there were speculations that there might be a second season to the story. However, the producers have confirmed that there will be no Season 2 for Goblin. Thus, only if the writers of the story decide to come up with some stuff, only then can we confirm anything about the show further. Let’s hope that there will be an official announcement of season two very soon.

Goblin Season 2: Cast Details

Gong Yoo, Kim Go-Eun, Yook Sungjae are the three leading actors in the storyline. Apart from them, another actor star in the supporting roles.

A firecely competitive TV show, Goblin is sure to maintain the ripples created in the TV industry. Although there won’t be a second season, you can always cherish the memories of the epic first one.