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Girl Molested by Her Father? How Much This News Is True? Is Her Boyfriend Responsible for Her Death?

Love is such a sweet and pure feeling felt by two human beings. It is the bond which makes two beings get attracted to each other and live a life of peace and harmony. Love as they say sees no class boundaries and skin color. It only happens when two human beings are compatible and comfortable with each other.

But sometimes, when love for someone is not properly reciprocated, it can lead to terrible consequences. One sided affection can sometimes lead to total obsession which can be very harmful in any relationship. Many such cases of physical abuse, are reported on daily basis due to such incidents.

The Case of Scott Swinscoe

27 year old, Scott Swinscoe was a case which might be sighted as the perfect example in such a case. He had always loved this one girl since childhood. But the girl never really cared about the kind of affection he had for her. However as days passed and the girl became more sensitive towards Scott and his feelings. She began dating him and their relationship entered a happy phase. However things went upside down after a few months. Scott’s love for this woman became obsessive and he turned into an animalistic human being. Did not allow his girlfriend to talk with someone on the portable mobile phone.

Would disconnect the lines and throw the phone at her if she used it. Sometimes Scott would also restrict her to go out of the house and would not allow her to meet anyone. He would always keep a close vigil on her and was turning her life into a miserable hell. Also interfered with her work life as she was not allowed to work in the bistro where she worked. Slowly the woman became very annoyed about Scott’s presence in her life and decided to detach herself from him. Scott then found a leeway to say that the woman was falsely molested by her father. But the truth to the incident was that her father had died a long time ago when he was in her youth.

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What Did the Court Ruling Say?

The court ruling and the district attorney declared that Scott had lost his physical and mental balance. He was also afflicted with several charges of culpable homicide, physical abuse and bribery as well. District attorney’s office to which the case went declared that Scott could no longer plea in the name of insanity. The events with which he was involved in clearly prove that he had lost his inner control and that the mental asylum jail would be the perfect place for him.

What Is the Future for Scott?

Scott was sentenced to 7 years in prison after the hearing on the case lifted. He is now spending the rest of his days in a jail in California. While the woman who had complained against him has had a kid and living in safe refuge.