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Gigi Hadid Looks Cute as She Shares Her Pregnancy Pictures

Recently Gigi Hadid uploaded few photographs from a recent fashion shoot regarding her Maternity. The photographs had her in transparent white gown and flaunting her pregnant silhouette. Not only this, she posted photographs in normal jeans and top but her beauty required no words.

On Monday, she shared her gorgeous shots which were taken on 26th of August. She has been sharing her pregnant photographs from a long time.

Her beauty is something which can’t be avoided at all. How beautiful her baby bump looks, how beautiful her outfits are and how beautiful are those captions that she put in her posts. Here’s the recent post she uploaded 4 days ago. This is behind the scenes of her gorgeous photographs in gown she posted few days ago.

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making-of 🙂

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And this is the post of her flaunting her belly button wearing blue jeans and a crop top captioned ’33 weeks’.

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33 weeks ♡

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While in an interview, she told everyone that there are even more things in the World going on except her pregnancy. She referred to coronavirus pandemic and movement regarding black lives matter. That’s why she wasn’t Sharing her happy pictures with anyone but her family and friends.

She also said that she has been taking so many photographs of her bump and sending them to her Friends and family and she found it really cute and exciting. She also told that she would be continuing sharing her photographs in future too.

Not only Gigi Hadid’s friends and family, but her fans are also eagerly waiting for the new child. The response that she receives on her post says how much her fans are excited to see the new baby. Giga Hadid is just few days away from her due date. There were multiple comments on her new posts which shows how excited here fans, friends and family are for the child. We all would be waiting for her to show her baby to all of us and receive more blessings and love from us.

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