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Ghost of Tsushima Arrives on June 26 Here You Can Check All Details and Updates

Ghost of Tsushima, a game everyone is waiting for. It is an upcoming action-adventure video game. Sucker Punch Production are the ones developing this game.

The game is set in Feudal Japan on an island known as Tsushima. The game will take place in the late 13th century. It will revolve around Jin Sakai, a skilled and deadly samurai. He wages a war against the invaders of his land (Mongols).

People are dying to play this game after it was first announced. They want to know what makes it so unique.

Here are some things you need to know about this game.

There Will Be No Waypoints

Ever since the dawn of time, most games have had some sort of a guiding compass. Whether it be a small map on the screen to a compass at the top. However, gaming industries are trying to spice up this mechanism to get an edge.

Ghost of Tsushima is going to do something special. It will not provide any waypoint to guide a player in the world. Instead, the players will have to use landmarks and knowledge of the world in order to discover and complete their goals.

It is also being said that as you explore around you, time in the story goes on. It means that it will give players a serious choice but also keep many surprising elements intact.

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Your allies can betray you

Allies and friends, they have been ‘important’ in mostly all games. Not in combat though, more in conversations. However, in Ghost of Tsushima, it will be different. In some games, the choices you have made will affect the relationships with your allies. For instance, Mass Effect series.

In Ghost of Tsushima, you can have many allies. Each of them will have different opinions and ideologies. You have to choose wisely. Every action will have consequences. These choices will affect your relationship with allies. Some choices could be painful too.

Release Date for the game

The game is set to release on 26th June 2020. It will be out for PlayStation 4. The good news is that the game might not delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. However, after so many delays, people are wondering whether this one will face the wrath or not.