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Ghislaine Maxwell Reveals That Jeffrey Epstein Was Murdered

Jeffrey Epstein died on 10th August 2019 ad his death already grabbed so much attention from everyone and it was a huge topic back then. He was a convicted sex abuser and according to the reports he was found hanging on a rope in his prison cell in Manhattan last year. Jeffery, 66 was supposed to commit suicide in the Newyorkcity prison. The new thing that has come up with the death of Jeffrey is very shocking.

Detained socialite and Jeffery’s former lover Ghislaine Maxwell believes that he was being murdered in the jail and denies the report of him committing suicide. She fears that the same thing might happen to her and she might meet the same date as her former lover.
Maxwell, 58 who is currently serving a term in the prison cried when her bail got denied.

She was being asked to stay at the lockup until her next trial which is in next summer. This was all after she was pleaded not guilty to the sex trafficking charges that were against her.
According to the Sun, Maxwell’s friends say that she is in great fear regarding her life. She is very much concerned as he might be killed the same way Jeffrey was. According to her, she also received death threats two weeks ago, which was before her arrest.

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She also says that she hasn’t got any protection. And now she has to wait a whole long year before her trial happens in the court. She is currently at the Brooklyn’s maximum-security Metropolitan Detention Center. Also, if Maxwell will be found guilty of sex trafficking charges then she will have to serve up to 35 years in prison.
However, the Attorney General has assured that the government will not let her die like Jeffrey.

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