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Gentefied Season 2 Cast, Release Date and Other Updates

 Who does not love comedy series? Yes, everyone loves it…

So Netflix has brought a kind of comedy series which is full of drama for the audience.

Gentefied is an American series which is full of drama and comedy. This is a kind of series which is in demand of every individual.

Creator -Marvin Lemus and Linda Yvette Chavez.

Producer– Wileen Dragovan

The series first hit the screen on 21 February 2020 on Netflix. It is available in two languages Spanish, English language

What is Gentefied about?

The story focuses around cousins of America, and Mexico.they had a dream, an American dream …they had to struggle very hard to achieve it.

Gentefied season 2: Release Date

Want to know will Gentefied return with its new season? Then you have to wait as the streaming channel of the series will take some time to confirm the return of the series for season 2. But season 1 was quite a hit on the screen so fans can expect its performance for the second season.

According to some sources, the second season of the series may hit the screen in 2021. But the news for the renewal may be confirmed soon, maybe in a month.

As season 1 hit the screen with ten episodes, the same is expected with season 2.

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Gentefied season 2: Plot

The cousins had to put their many deary things on stake for the sake of their dreams. They wanted to achieve their American goal, and we’re trying very hard for that.

There are two characters Chris and Erik, and next season is expected to be about them.

The dilemma is waiting for them ahead, and they have to face many difficult situations.

Gentefied season 2: Cast

  • Joaquín Cosío 
  •  J.J. Soria 
  •  Karrie Martin 
  • Carlos Santos 
  •  Brenda Banda 
  •  Bianca Melgar
  • Art Bonilla
  • Alma Martinez 

And some new faces can make their appearance.

Stay tuned for more updates.