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Gentefied Season 1 On Netflix: Release Date, Cast, Trailer

Hey guys, what’s Up if you are love to streaming the comedy series on NetFlix so here is the good news for you.

Recently Netflix confirmed their upcoming series Gentefied this is the comedy series so if you have love to watch comedy series this is for you.

Personally I really love to streaming comedy series on NetFlix.

When I’m getting bored it’s my favorite timepass I’m sure you also love to watch comedy series.

So the Gentefied release their first season and this is a comedy series based on one digital short story with the same name.

This series is created by multiple directers including Marvin Lemus and Linda Yvette Chávez, America Ferrera.

Gentefied Season 1 Release Date

This is the confirmed news from NetFlix this series is started live streaming from 21 February 2020.

So it’s soon out just wait for this amazing comedy series.

I know you are excited and I’m also very excited about the Gentefied Series.

The total number of episodes in Gentefied is 10 that is confirmed the news per episode length is not confirmed yet.

We’ll be expecting 30min to 40min is the average time of per episodes.

Gentefied Season 1 Cast

Here is the list of the cast in Gentefied and that is confirmed by NetFlix that all are the main lead in the Gentefied Season 1.

  • Karrie Martin as (Ana Morales)
  • Joseph Julian Soria as (Erik)
  • Carlos Santos as (Chris)
  • Joaquín Cosio as (Pop)
  • Julissa Calderon as (Yessika Flores)
  • Annie Gonzalez as (Lidia Solis)
  • Laura Patalano as (Beatriz)
  • Felipe Esparza as (Crazy Dave)
  • Rafael Sigler as (Pancho Solis)
  • Jaime Alvarez as (Javier Fernandez)
  • Bianca Melger as (Nayeli Morales)
  • Michelle Ortiz as (Connie)
  • Alejandro Patiño as (TBA)
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This is the list of members cast in Gentefied Season 1 and that was the confirmed no future changes in this list.

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These casts are already known faces they already work in other series.

 Does America Ferrera have a role in Gentefied?

You know that America Ferrera is the superstar actress of Ugly Betty.

So till now, that is not confirmed at America Ferrera’s role in Gentefied.

But there is no chance to see till now because they don’t have an announcement from NetFlix.

So yes, it is true America Ferrera does not have any role in Gentefied season 1.

Final words

So this is the confirm series live streaming started on the 21st of February.

So don’t forget to watch this series if you are a comedy series lover.

Stay connected with us for future updates for Gentefied. If there is any changes we’ll inform you later.

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