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Gentefied New On Netflix, A Sharp Bilingual Dramedy, Character Guide

Do you know guys?? “Gentefied” unique title of the upcoming series on Netflix has taken after Gentrification.

Netflix Mexican Series “Gentefied” : Everything you Should Know!!!

As well as Gentrification is the process of renovating the area of the neighborhood and that it’s up to the mark to the middle-class taste. Gentrification is one of the methods that increase the economic situation of the said neighborhood, and a fascinating fact is that not everyone feels good about it. And we know that the population condition of society makes neighborhood living conditions more difficult day by day.

About the show:

Netflix is back with one of American comedy web-series “Gentefied.” According to our study on the show plot, it follows the story of three cousins of the Morales family, Ana, Erik, and Chris, and they want to achieve their American Dream by renovating their areas. They planned to renew their Mexican taco shop in an American taste for attracting more costumer to fulfill their desires.

Gentefied cast and there details Who Guide To The Show:

Ana Morales (Karrie Martin):

Ana is one of the three morale cousins, and she is 24-years-old-women. Ana is one of the sarcastic characters in the show, but on the other side, she is an endearing queer artist. She adores her family and torn with her societal rules. Therefore, Ana kind of that girl who doesn’t want to follow the rules of society.

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Yessica Flores (Julissa Calderon):

Yessica is one of the confident women in the show, but she is lesbian, and sources revealed that she moves an activist and falls in love with Ana.

Erik Morales (J.J. Soria):

Erik, a 29-years-old school drop-out man who had a passion for reading. Eric is a kind-hearted man in the show who is a self-educated member of his family but underestimates by his family members. At the beginning of the show, he struggles to find a purpose in life as he tries to protect his grandfather’s shop.

Pop (Joaquin Cosis):

One of the strongest pillars of the Morales family character’s name is Pop. He is a 71-year-old-man who owns the family business and hardworking man. Therefore, we can’t wait to see this show on our screen, respectively.

Chris Morales (Carlos Santos):

Chris members of Morales Family younger chef who moves to Idaho and adopting the American lifestyles who had a dream to become a Michelin-star chef. After selecting the American lifestyles, he often teased by his Mexican cousins as a “white boy.”