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Gene Simmons Wear a Postman Dress to Make People Laugh in this Pandemic

Yes, a postman in the Unites States indeed dressed like a famous KISS singer, named, Gene Simmons. The name of the postman is Grey Underdown. However, he is delivering letters to the people by dressing like Gene Simmons. While delivering letters, he is sinking the music of Gene and entertaining the people. He delivers letters to the people on Sheppey.

By seeing the look of a postman, Gene twitted a photo of a postman on his official Twitter account. He also became a fan of that postman and loved his dressing style. Firstly, the official KISS Twitter account posted a photo of this 32 years old postman. This page has 1.5 million followers. These followers became a fan of Grey Underdown. Gray Underdown is a common postman and doing his duty for two and a half years. He became so popular that people loved his role as Gene. He lives in Rainham and delivers letters to the people’s home on Sheppey. Further, Gary said that he is the greatest fan of KISS.

Why did Gray change his look to Gene Simmons?

Gray said that he dressed up like Gene Simmons because he wanted to entertain people. However, people got bored in their homes due to lockdown. Further, he said that he wanted to cheer up the people and spread fun among the people. Again, Gray said that he was doing this one month ago and still continuing it to make people happy. He wore a wig on his head and did makeup which resembles Gene Simmons. People loved Gray’s look and gave a very fantastic and positive response to him. He is enjoying making people enthusiastic and joyful. Amid this lockdown, every outdoor entertainment source is banned. So, this man tried to spread the joy among the people.

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What did Gray Underdown tell to the people about the ongoing COVID-19 situation?

Further, Gray Underdown told there is nothing in people’s hand to control the ongoing situation. But, everyone has to go ahead of this situation. By dressing like Gene, he collected cash of about $5,000 and gave it to the needy people. Gray donated the money to help the families of sick people. His work is really worth remembering.

Further, Gray shared his experience of performing with KISS band. He said that he worked with KISS band Hotter and Hell in the year 2019. Also, he got an opportunity to work with rockers and travel with them to the United Kingdom and said that he was very glad to work with the real rockers.