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Gangs of London Season 2 Have Some Cool Cast in This Season Here What We Know

Gangs of London is  one of the American shows,it’s  a crime thriller series.Audience are so much fond of these types of series.People of almost all age love to watch the shows of this genre.

Gangs of London is infact one of the fabulous series of American tv networks .This show has gained a high popularity among its viewers.

Storyline of Gangs of London

The set of the show is in London ,and it’s now confirmed that we will have a second season of Gangs of London. This series is about some gangsters and underworld mafias who made that city a crime city.There were so many illegal businesses running across the city.Rivalries has been shown between different groups of gangsters  of london in the series .

Expected Arrival of Gangs of London Season 2

Season 1 of the show came in April and the ending of the show has left the show in a tough spot .Since we all are aware of the global condition due to covid-19 pandemic ,we cannot expect the second season before 2022.

Is Sean Actually Dead?

Audience was astonished by the death of Sean ,but we are not confirmed about his death as only the police officer in the show has confirmed  that he is dead but nobody has seen his face .So nothing is actually confirmed.

Casts to Be Seen in the Show:

We all know that these are the tv shows so there can be entry of new character in the show anytime .We are having updates about the casts of the show,the characters who are going to play important role in the show are: 

  • Joe Cole ( Sean Wallace)
  • Sophie Dirisu ( Elliot Finch)
  • Lucian Msamati (Ed Dumani)
  • Narges Rashidi (Lale)
  • Jing Lusi (Victoria Chung)
  • Brian Vernel (Billy Wallace) 

List of characters can be altered ,we still need to have patience to get to know about  the confirmed casts .

Season 2 may come with so many surprises ,audience are waiting eagerly for the second season of the show .

Stay tuned for more updates 

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