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Games of Thrones Winds of Winter Release Date and All the New Update

Fans of Game of Thrones are very much tense because one of their favourite series is going to end after the upcoming eight season.Audience is struggling hard to find the information regarding the show.

Fans are waiting for George RR Martin to complete the novel…this novel is an inspiration for games of thrones .

Good News for the Fans

But the good news for the fans is that  George RR Martin has confirmed that he will complete the novel ‘the winds of winter ‘ for the fans anyhow.

This confirmation may give some relief to the fans but it is still not confirmed how much time George RR Martin will take to finish the novel.Fans are deliberately waiting for another addition of A Song of Ice and Fire series.

Game of Thrones has ended ,we can only wait for the next installment of the books of the series which we can read and can fulfill our curiosity.

No one has an answer to the question that the winds of winter have reached to which level…it is still a question.

But Ian McElhinney has revealed that George RR Martin has completed the seventh book of the series. .he is not so far from completing the series of the book.

Release Date for ‘The Winds of Winter’

The only focus of George RR Martin was to complete the series of the book by the end of games of thrones .

After all the circumstances ,we finally got a release date for the winds of winter.George RR Martin has been working hard on the books for decades .we are expecting for the release of winds of winter in December 2020 ,but Earlier it was going to be released at worldcon in new zealand ,but now there may be some delay due to covid-19 crisis.

But due to self isolation Martin can complete his work even faster because he has no one to disturb him ,all he has is peace around him.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

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