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GameCube With The Nintendo Switch: What actually Happened?

GameCube given new life as Nintendo Switch dock
GameCube given new life as Nintendo Switch dock

The names like these are more than enough to get you back to the very nostalgic feeling about the games you played in your childhood.

Nintendo Switch, which is a technically well built, sophisticated and one of the finest Nintendo gaming devices ever recently received a new custom made set up by the creator, belonging to the house if Rated E- Modes in Custom Community.

GameCube And The Nintendo Switch: What actually Happened


 The famous gaming device, Nintendo Switch recently got a fresh custom build on it from Rated E- Mods which converts the Nintendo Switch into the old GameCube in which the controller port is totally operative and all.

The famous creators behind the games like Super Smash Bros and Melee, the one and only GameCube is a master which was launched nearly 20 years back.

Taking the case of Nintendo Switch, the people always liked using customized switches that it gives a better and personalized approach to the game being played.

They were just launched 3 years back, Nintendo Switch.

They are getting a game too, Animals Crossing: New horizons and they also got a lite version while the audience always goes behind using custom switches.

The new dock released by the Rated E- Mods on GameCube dock to apply on Nintendo Switch can be done and get into an old system.

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It was quite a newsmaker incident as Rated E- Mods received a lot of praise to recreate the GameCube dock just out of a broken system and restructuring it back.

They’ve also made some other versions too.

GameCube And Nintendo Switch


 Game Cube or Nintendo GameCube is a gaming console released in 2001 which had 21. 75 million sold all over the world.

It challenged Sony’s PlayStation 2 and Microsoft’s X box older one. The GameCube console was a hit for 6-7 years and all. The best games like Super Smash Bros and Melee keeps it worth remembering.

Nintendo Switch is a video game console that was released in 2017.

It can be converted into different modes according to the comfort of the gamer.

From handheld to joystick operated console.

It tracked more than 50 million sold all over the world.

This will also help a lot of young gamers to get the feel of what GameCube games felt like with the new devices and old ROMs and docks that brought the very old games back to life.