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Game of Thrones’ prequel: Realease date, Cast, plot and why fans are worried about its future?

Game of Thrones final episode - Emilia Clark as Daenerys Targaryen

Five Game of Thrones spin-offs were promised after the series ended with it’s last season. Two of them were given greenlight but one cancelled after the making of Pilot episode.

The cancelled prequel was written by Jane Goldman and was about to be named as ‘The Long Night’ or ‘Blood Moon’. Even the pilot episode was made and it starred Naomi Wyatt as the lead. The story could not make it to the series though. It was based on the the story set in 8000 years before Game of Thrones. It was based on jungle children and how white walkers were made. 

The prequel that is actually happening now is ‘House Of Dragons’

Release date

President of HBO programming announced the ‘House of Dragon’ at WarnerMedia Day. The series was announced in 2019 on 23rd October by Casey Bloys. It will probably be on air sometime in 2020.


There is no official information about cast is available. The series will be co created by George Martin and Ryan Condal who will also be writing the episodes of the series. Also Ryan Condal will be the show runner of the series along with Miguel Sapochnik. Pilot episode will be directed by Sapochnik with some other episodes. He has directed the famous episodes in Game of thrones like ‘Hardhome’ and ‘Battle of Bastards’. 

Plot :

The series is based on the book published by George Martin in September 2018. ‘Fire & Blood’ revolves around the journey of the dragonlord family in westeros. It focuses on how Ageon Targaryen won seven kingdoms and ruled the iron throne for the long time. The plot will show the time after the doom of valyria when Targaryen- the only remaining family with dragons fly to westeros and Ageon The Conqueror ruled the iron throne. Series will feature the iconic battle – Dance of Dragons aka Targaryen Civil War. 

We will also be able to see the origins of the other houses. Forests children And Night King might appear in the series. As we know a lot about the story from the book, surprises in plot have lesser possibility.

Why fans are worried about its future ?

Looking at the previous history of HBO, fans are afraid that it might get cancelled like the other one. Also after the fiasco of 8th season, fans are expecting a little too much from these prequels. 

There is no official trailer or release date out yet, but Netflix has posted first promotional poster of the story and the tagline says -‘ Fire Will Reign ‘

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