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Game of Thrones Famed Maisie Williams Opened up About Her Love Life Here Is the All Updates and Behind the Scenes

Game of Thrones, for a long time was the most popular TV show for most part of the last decade. The characters attained cult status with incredible fan following all across the world. One of them, who captivated many with her performances was Arya Stark, the warrior of Winterfell in North.

Maisie Williams, Arya Stark of GOT was inarguably one of the most popular characters with her quick wit and good combat skills. In several of her interviews she has clearly stated the kind of experience she has had on the sets of Game of Thrones.

Behind the scenes experiences for Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams in a lot of interviews has expressed the kind of fun she had on the sets of Game of Thrones. She explained how she would become friends with Sophie Turner, Sansa Stark. Although the storyline states that they were always in conflict with each other, their off screen chemistry was equally remarkable.

Williams also became quite close friends with other cast members like Kit Harrington, Emilia Clarke, Richard Madden just to name a few. Her childhood was spent while filming Game of Thrones. When she entered the show she was just a young girl, and she left as a woman with incredible acting prowess and dialogue delivery skills.

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Her Relationship with Rueben Selby

Maise has always been very shy and protective about her personal space. Till recently she broke the internet when she announced that she was in an open relationship with a guy named Rueben Selby. He is the owner of a contact agency providing entrepreneur services. Rueben has also been involved with fashion, jewelry and cosmetics. Both of them met on one such fashion show, and their relationship starting budding from them. Repeated public visuals have stated Maisie and Rueben together holding hands and sharing romantic photos of them in functions and award ceremonies together.

Fans Expectations from the Relationship

Fans of Williams have been constantly gushing about the reported news of engagement. However both of them have confirmed that they are still in the dating phase and would not like to commit to something grave. In order to stay put with more updates about this, please stay tuned to our official website and do like share and subscribe it if possible. We will be keeping you updated constantly on any developments seen in this case.