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“Friday The 13th: A New Beginning” Completes 35 Years! Still A Film For Fans To Debate Over !

Friday the 13th A New Beginning completes 35 years of release this year. The fifth installment of the slasher series was released on 22nd March 1985. The terror Jason Voorhees managed to spread over the fan’s mind is still intact. 

The movie was directed by Danny Steinmann for Paramount pictures. The movie was produced by Timothy Silver and was based on the characters by Victor Miller. The story was written by Martin Kitrosser and David Cohen while the co-wrote the screenplay with Danny Steinmann.

The slasher featured lots of brutal murders, bloodshed, and nudity. The story takes up from the last part where Tommy Jarvis manages to kill Jason Voorhees and even after 5 years of the incident, Tommy is suffering from a mental breakdown featuring the hallucinations or nightmares of Jason. His mental condition leads him to a mental hospital and then to a group of mentally disturbed teenagers. After the murder of one of his fellow mate-Joey, the series murders take up the pace and everyone assumes the return of Jason. Even the murderer is wearing a hockey mask just like Jason. The film features extreme violence and explicit nudity as well as drug abuse. 

The movie had a fixed fan base, only those who liked Jason in the previous parts liked this one. The movie was criticized for its overuse of violence, gore, nudity, and drug use. Some loved the movie while some clearly hated it tagging it as gross. Fans still debate over the movie even after 35 years.

John Shepherd played the role of  Tommy Jarvis in this epic slasher. Melanie Kinnaman was seen as Pam Roberts while Shavar Ross as Reggie Winter, Richard Young as Dr, Matthew, Dick Wieand as Roy, Tiffany as Violet, Juliette Cummins as Robin, Marco St John as Sheriff Tucker. Other cast members consist of Jerry Pavlon, Tom Morga, Dominick Brascia and Miguel A. Nunez Jr.

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