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Fortnite Ninja Asked for the Bring Back Original Map of Epic Games

Well, It’s not looking good for the creators of Fortnite as their one of the most severe comments on the game.

What’s Going on ??

It seems that Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is really pissed at the fact that the current map has been featured. He told the creators of Fortnite, Epic Games, to bring back the map which was there in Chapter 2.

The second chapter in the series has basically saved the gamers as they saw something really new is coming to their way.

Why Everybody’s Upset?

The 10th season of the first chapter contained MECH’s which were nothing more than problems in the whole gaming platform and due to which many of the gamers left.

But, Then the first season of Chapter 2 come and which is just dragging the whole thing as the game is definitely liked by any gamer of the series which eventually lead to these gaming fans to leave the series.

Ninja slowly started to be frustrated by the Twitch Map of the game but recently, Activsion’s “Call of Duty: Warzone” after which the gamer started to split his time between the two games.

But, After March 26, The famous gamer was all frustrated and talked like a maniac, as he continued “This game is just lagging. I really am thinking that I should just move to COD as this game is just unable to give the excitement and the speed of processing is just making me slower”.

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He continued ” that the game is unable to give anything new, there is nothing innovative about the whole thing, as the current solos are failures completely”.

After that, he with SypherPk criticized the content as it was not getting any flexible with the current thing.

He said “Fortnite is famous with all the new features each time and the map is a big problem. With that, the whole lobby is killing, 75% of the gamers know where to land and the whole thing is just dead”.

The gamers have agreed that without the old map it’s just frustrating.