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Ford begins to work on its new wireless technology for automobiles

On Monday, January, 7th, Ford Motor Co made an announcement stating that it is well on course to unveil a wireless technology for its new vehicle models in the United States, by the year 2022.

As per the announcement, this new wireless technology shall enable direct communication between connected devices.

As per reports, this latest technology dubbed C-V2X, or cellular vehicle-to-everything shall make the vehicle’s view from cameras and radars more comprehensive as it would augment sensors used in self-driving cars.

Speaking on the announcement, Don Butler, executive director for Ford’s connected platform said, “C-V2X could compliment these systems in ways similar to how our sense of hearing complements our vision.”

Back in November, Ford made an announcement stating that it firmly believes that the company is on course to launch self-driving vehicles for sale by 2021, as and when a new vehicle architecture designed explicitly for autonomous systems is expected to be ready.

In a statement, the Ford Motors stated, “the new technology would be of massive help to drivers as it would help cars to instantly send and receive information regarding their surrounding thus enabling the drivers with information of what lies in front of them before they can encounter it.”

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As per stated by Ford in an interview, the technology would make it easier to navigate four-way stops as it would enable vehicles to communicate with each other to negotiate on which one has the right of way.