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Food packets deposited on a street in turkey over Coronavirus is false

What was the claim?

This article is regarding the claim of food donation. In one of the pictures gone viral regarding the video states that In #Turkey, people have started to leave food packets on the road for the poor and the needy who cannot earn due to #COVIDー19 lockdown. Love you #Turks for representing us.”.

Was that claim true?

But that claim was totally false. There were no such donations. Even Some contradictory images were searched and it was proved that the claim was false.

Get to know regarding the Food packets deposited on a street in turkey over Coronavirus is false…!

A video goes viral before sometime which shows that the food packets were left on the street in turkey. And that video was watched many times by the viewers on various social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and youtube…

here is a youtube video of the false news

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The donation of food was for the people, of turkey which was hit by an earthquake in January 2020 and was the victims of that earthquake.after two months of the attack of the earthquake , coronavirus hit the country.

Some important facts about Turkey 

On 18 March 2020, the Turkish president only asked the people to stay at home to avoid COVID-19, there was no such official lockdown, even the travel restrictions were imposed on the country on 27 March 2020 as the number of positive coronavirus cases rises to 5,600.

Turkey has its first confirmed COVID-19 patient on 11 March 2020. People there did not take it seriously, so here is the result of not taking COVID-19 seriously.

But the claim regarding the donation to needy and poor people, who were the victims of the earthquake, was totally false.

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