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Flash Season 7- Decision of CW on the Release of the TV Series

After so much has happened in The Flash so far, it will make everyone sad if we don’t get to see more. Everyone loves Barry Allen and the show. It is an action, adventure and an awesome series revolving around Barry Allen. He was struck by lightning and now, he is the fastest man alive, as stated at the start of every episode. He also has a job in the Police department.

What Is the Renewal Status of the Flash?

The CW love the show and its viewers. They did not take time to renew the show for a brand new season. There is so much left for them to tell us about the story of Barry Allen. That is why they renewed it in January 2020. The thing is that normally the filming starts in the second or third quarter of the year but it’s different this year.

Because of the ongoing pandemic, the filming for the new season will be affected. Normally, a new season starts in the last quarter of the year but this time, it could be delayed.

Casting Details for the Flash

According to me, the cast of the show is awesome. Some characters might be a bit annoying but they are integral to our boy, Barry Allen. Here are some of the main cast member of the show.

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Grant Gustin plays the role of Barry Allen/Flash. Candice Patton is Iris and also Barry’s wife. Carlos Valdes and Danielle Panabaker play the role of Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow respectively. Ralph Dibney is played by Hartley Sawyer. Tom Cavanagh has played the role of Wells (All of them) while Jesse L. Martin play Joe West.

When Will See the Flash Season 7?

There is no news on the release date of the seventh season. However, the seasons normally release during the fall of a year but this time there could be delays. Fans are very excited to know more about the seventh season but as of now, there is no news.

We will know more about the story, villain, new characters, and the conflicts of season 7 after The CW breaks silence.

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