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Flash Season 6 Disheartening Spoiler : Flash Synopsis Foretastes the Breakup of Barry and Irish

One of the longest running episodic TV shows ever, Flash has earned many admirers. This DC comics superhero has enhanced speed and endurance capabilities. Fans for a long time have seen Flash perform extraordinary feats and save the people of his city.
However this time it might just be a problem which he cannot run and save from.

What Led Me to the Rumor?

In a recent interview, directors of the show were talking extensively about it. When one of the interviewers asked that what will be the future of the show, he replied by saying this. Barry and Iris are having a tumultuous married life. They are not able to attach their feelings and emotions It mostly seems they are constantly in conflict with each other. Next episode would be the biggest episode of their married life so far.

This episode of season 6 is titled liberation. Title hints that something might give way and we might see our favorite couples getting separated. However when asked in detail, the director said that he was not there to deliver spoilers. After the news broke out fans have expressed their displeasure on the internet.

What Can Be the Consequences of This Event?

There is of course bound to be misunderstanding between Barry and Irish. Irish has actually been kidnapped by the Mirror Master and trapped in a dangerous alternate dimension. He had made a decoy of Irish and sent it to Barry. Barry though became suspicious of Irish’s activities but never really felt the urge to doubt her.

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Thus when they do break up, Barry would then get to know that he had broken up with the imposter. He would surely then make an effort to rescue back his wife and bring her to reality. Mirror Master would confront him and they would be seen locking horns in a fierce battle.

Fans Reaction After Hearing This News

Fans of the show were very disappointed after hearing this news. They vented their anger on social media. Since the story took such an unexpected turn, they were surely thrown out of their comfort zone. However what mystery unfolds after the occurrence of this event would surely be very interesting to see. In order to get the latest updates about all these, keep a look on our official website.