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First gay kiss in marvel confirmed. Here’s what you should know

After the success of 25 movies, Marvel cinematic universe will feature its first gay kiss. THE ETERNALS will be released on November 6, 2020 featuring their first gay couple. Finally, the LGBTQ representation is given a spotlight in MCU and fans are quite impressed.


Eternals is directed by Chloe Zhao starring Richard Madden as Ikaris, Kit Harington as Black Knight, Lauren Ridloff as Makkari, Brian Tyree Henry as Phastos, Haaz Sleiman, Salma Hayak as Ajak and many others.
Haaz Sleiman plays the husband of Phastos who is one of the Eternals. The Eternals are immortal beings who have resided on Earth secretly for a thousands of years. They come out of secrecy after Earth is threatened by the evil Deviants. And the superheroes will fight again to save our dear Earth.

Kevin Feige, who is the Marvel studios president, confirmed that for the first time MCU would feature a gay couple.

Who is the gay couple?

Haaz Sleiman is married to the gay superhero, Phastos (Brian Tyree Henry) who is one of the Eternals. They even have a child together. Sleiman told that it was a beautiful, heart moving kiss and filming it was a very emotional moment in the set as everyone was filled with tears. The couple represent a queer community and gives us a very important lesson about love.

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According to an article my MSN, the same-sex romance storyline is included after Marvel was criticised for neglecting LGBTQ scenes in their previous films. The first LGBTQ character was played by director Joe Russo who mourned for the disappearance of his partner in ‘Avengers endgame’. It was a brief cameo. But after so much of waiting, finally we will see some proper queer content filled with love and emotions.

Marvel cinematic universe has changed our course of life. From Iron man to Avengers to End game, each movie has inspired us in many ways. Fans will finally see same-sex romance in the upcoming movie ‘Eternals’. With such a talented cast, the movie will surely be a hit.