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First Episode of Vagrant Queen Is Streaming for Free!!!

SyFy is an American television channel owned by NBC. With the rise of Coronavirus threats across the world, people are Quarantining themselves at home and not only this many major tv shows and movies have been canceled and rescheduled. In this scary environment, however, Syfy bought a news that bought a lot of happiness among the people and now people who are confined to their homes do not have to worry about their entertainment as Syfy has decided to release one of the most awaited show Vagrant queen’s first episode for free.

About Vagrant Queen

The Vagrant queen is an action-packed series for the tv show lovers. Vagrant Queen is based on a Vault comic by Magdelene Visaggio. It is a story about a queen who lost her throne to revolutionaries, but the twist in the story is Vagrant queen didn’t want her throne back instead of that she wants to rescue the damsel. Isn’t it sound interesting, for those who love action with science this is the series you should watch.

The series had a lot of valuable meaning hiding in it like this series is seen as a girl power show where a girl protagonist is the one who is holding the lead role, and that is something which fans always crave to see especially female fans. The main character Elida is portrait as LGBTQ heroine, so in this century this is something that has a lot of significance in the social world.

Release Date and Where It Will Be Available

So this highly lorded action pack series will be available on their website and this will be accessible to everyone. So for those who wanted to watch this series, there is one good news for them that is, the first episode is being aired on 27th March 2020 however the series yet not available in the website, but nothing to worry about it will be there very soon and once it’s there I hope people will watch it and enjoy the whole quarantine period.

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