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Find Yourself Season 1 to Be With You In March 2020

Find yourself is the K-Drama series going to release on Netflix in March 2020. The series highlights the love story between an accomplished career woman and a young man. The beginning of the love story may seem slow at the start, but the romance between He Fan Xing and Yuan Song has gained the attention of the audience. The dialogues of the romantic relationship are perfect and have attracted many viewers. He Fan Xing is lovable in the series, and this K-Drama series has become the most famous series over others. 

The storyline of the Find yourself has made the audience to watch the series and wait for the upcoming episodes. In the series, you can look at Friendship story, Romance, Business, Melodrama, and Drama. Each episode of the Find Yourself will be around 45 minutes. 

The cast of Find Yourself season 1

The series will cast Song Wei Long, Esther Yu, Victoria Song, David Wang, and Zhang Yu Jian as the central role. Along with it, some supporting characters include Katherine yang, Elaine Tong, Miles Wei, Wang Yu Hao, Zeng Li, Wang Yu Hao, Marry Ma, Zheng Xiao Wan, and Hou Xiao Tong. Song Wei Long and Victoria look good together, and the romantic storyline attracts the attention of the viewers. 

Story of Find Yourself Season 1

The company of He Fan Xing is at the risk of being acquired. At the same time, his relationship with Yuan Song faces some societal pressure due to the age difference between them. The consecutive blows in her love life and at her work push her to an emotional quagmire. It is the time when Ye Lu Ming enters her life. Though Ye Lu Ming is older than He Fan Xing, still he is mature, knowledgeable, and stable at the same time. He becomes the life coach of He Fan Xing as well as the source of conflict between the couple. It is merely a matter for He Fan Xing to choose the man she loves, but considering it becomes difficult to recognize the contradictions of adopting the traditional mindset of marriage.

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