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Finally Gta 5 Will Come in PS5

The good news for the fans of Grand Theft Auto is that it is going to come in PlayStation 5. The Future of Gaming event took place on June 11, 2020. In this event, Sony announced that the game, GTA 5 will come in PlayStation 5. Further, it told that this game will arrive in an updated version of PlayStation 5. The console and the environment of the PlayStation 5 will be relatively advanced than the earlier.

When Will the Game, Grand Theft Auto 5 Come in Playstation 5?

There is no confirmed date about the launch of the game on the PlayStation. But, fans can expect it in the middle of the year 2021. Additionally, an enhanced and featured version of the Grand Theft Auto 5 will be available on PlayStation 5. It has been eight years since the GTA 5 has launched. After eight years, this game is going to launch on PlayStation 5. So, this is a piece of very great news for the fans of PlayStation 5. In the gaming event, the Rockstar announced that this game will be available free only for three months. After that, you need to pay some amount to download the game.

Grand Theft Auto 5:

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a very famous and most-played game. This game launched in the year 2013. Till now, there are 130 million of downloaders of this game. It has grabbed the attention of almost every teen. Focusing on the gameplay, it has a very exciting plot. This game allows you to play in a single-player mode or multiplayer mode. The gameplay of the game varies depending upon the mode of playing. Grand Theft Auto 5 is not available on PlayStation 4 or Xbox.

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Along with the launch of GTA 5 on PS5, Rockstar also announced another good news for its fans. It is offering various bonus rewards in the game, GTA. GTA is available on PlayStation 4. Every week the Rockstar is offering cash rewards also.

The PlayStation 5:

The PlayStation 5 is an upcoming platform or environment for playing video games. This excellent platform for online video games is developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. In the event, Sony told that it will launch it in the year 2020. But, it did not tell the exact release date. In the PlayStation 5, there will be two classes of edition. The first will encompass the optical disc reader and the second one will be digital, without the optical disc. The PlayStation 5 will also comprise the DualSensor controller. Also, the design will be totally distinct from the previous versions of the PlayStation. It will have improved and advanced features. People will surely enjoy the enhanced version of the PlayStation 5.