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Finally Emmanuelle Chriqui Joins the Cast of ‘Superman & Lois’ Check It

CW network has seen a lot of success after it created the DC tv shows. They made Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and some other series. One of which is, Supergirl. In Supergirl, we saw that universe’s Superman and Lois Lane. Fans loved the two characters and the actors. It was a matter of time before these two had a spin-off of their own.

What Will Be the Plot of Superman and Lois Lane?

The Man of Steel and his loving wife/Daily Planet reporter are planning to grace us with a story of their own. The CW stated that the show is in early stages right now. The theme of the show for now is how the two main characters see through the challenges of their life as parents. After the latest crossover, now there is only one earth, Earth Prime. Superman and Lois Lane had one child before that. His name was Jon. However, now they have two teenage boys, Jonathan and Jordan.

When Will the Series Start?

We are sure when we say that the production has been delayed due to coronavirus. However, it won’t affect the casting process anytime soon for the series. The CW announced the show and officially gave it a spot in the 2020-21 season. This is very big. After Smallville, there are some expectations that the upcoming show has to meet. Sure, the themes are different but it is still expected that this one will prove to be good too.

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What Is the Casting Status for Superman and Lois Lane?

Firstly, the show will have Lana Lang! Tyler Hoechlin will return as Superman/Clark Kent. Tyler Hoechlin saw a lot of success after Teen Wolf. Elizabeth Tulloch will be Lois Lane. The CW also confirmed that the upcoming show has casted Emmanuelle Chriqui as Lana Lang. She will be a Loan Officer who works at Smallville Bank. She lives in Clark’s hometown. Lana reconnects with him as she is facing a lot of hardships. This version of Lana Lang is said to be married. Her husband will also be a character in the series.

Now, there is a lot of details to be revealed. More info on the casting will be revealed with time. We will know which characters will be coming in this new spin-off. We are hoping for some Lex and Clark drama.

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