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Final Fantasy VII Remake : everything you should know

Square Enix is coming back with it’s Remake of 1997’s game Final Fantasy VII. This role playing action game was released in 1997 for PlayStation console and soon it gained massive popularity. After more than 20 years we are going to get it’s reimaginary remake.

The game features -Cloud Strife,whose  aim is to stop Shinra Electric Power company from draining the planet’s energy.  The game is the battle between Avalanche – an eco terrosist group and Shinra Electric Power Company.

Release date of Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy was the Seventh installment in Final Fantasy series which released in 1997. Works on the remake started in 2014 and the official announcement was made in 2015 at E3. The game is set to release on April 10,2020 while original date was March 3,2020.

Makers of the game

The development of the game was going to be done by an external developer CyberConnect2 but after official announcement at E3 in 2015 , Square Enix’s in house developers team took over.
Final Fantasy VII was directed by Yoshinori Kitase and written by Kazushihe Nojima whileTetsuya Nomura directed the Final Fantasy VII Remake with writer being the same as original.

More about the game

As the director announced , the remake will be released in episodes and it will be divided into two parts. On April 10 , first part of the two will be released but we are not yet sure if the whole installment is going to release or just one episode.

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It’s been leaked that game will be nearly 100GB and as it has been already announced that the game will be released in 2 parts and spread over 2 Blu Ray discs. That means we will be getting one disc of average 50GB.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be exclusively release on PS4. Exclusivity time period for PS4 is probably one year. We might be able to see the game on other platforms as well but in 2021. Though director has denied about the plans on other platforms.


There are plenty of trailers available for Final Fantasy VII Remake. On the announcement of Final Fantasy VII Remake at E3 2015, game’s first trailer was released

At PSX in 2015 , second trailer of the game was released.

And have a look at the game’s recent trailer.