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Final Fantasy 7: Remake, Release Date, File Size and All You Need to Know

The popular game Final Fantasy7 remake will be launch on April 10. According to report some of the copies of FF7 are already released in Europe and Australia. The North Americans and online viewers from other countries have to stream on line on 10th April to play the game.

The Final Fantasy7 can be downloaded because it is available for pre-load. If someone who pre-order or wants to purchase it online they can immediately download the full game on PS4 version.  Due to coronavirus outbreak many countries has announced lockdown for prevention from spreading of pandemic.

Thus, the fans of Final Fantasy7 can download and play online through their broadband connectivity. The Square Enix has make an announcement about the release of Final Fantasy 7 that they are willing to give extra time for fans to download the game and also has advised to stay in home, stay safe and play with family members.

Know About the Release Date of Final Fantasy 7

As per the announcement made by Square Enix the expected release date of  all new game Final Fantasy 7 is 10th April, this will be released online but for few countries like Europe and Australia there already the game is released and for rest of the countries the game FF7 will be released online by today.

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The fans can download by its digital download code from different retailers also it can be redeem by the Playstation store by selecting the given ‘Redeem Code’ which will be mentioned on left side menu where the code can be input and  the game can be downloaded.

Must Know About the File Size and All About the Game FF7

The game size is considered massive and this is the known fact that Sony is slowing the download speed in Countries like North America and in Europeancountries.

The FF7 is one of the beautiful games on PS4 which costs that of the hefty file size. Byexperiencing the game with beautifully designed background music and characters per location that allows the player to experience the unique game play in every area from the perspective of game designer.