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Fifa 21 : Click to Know the New Features And Expectations

It has been a very long time for FIFA as the video game series has ran for nearly three whole decades. EA has given fans FIFA continuously with new features and better gameplay. After FIFA 20, FIFA 21 is also on its way with new features and so much more. Players are excited for the 21st instalment in the series and expect it to be released soon.

When is FIFA 21 releasing?

EA usually releases the FIFA games in the last quarter of a year. It has basically been a timeframe for them. The previous two games in the FIFA series released in September. Hence, it could be expected that this one might also be released around that time of this year.

However, we have to face the reality. There could be delays in the development which would cause a delay in the release. We all know the reason, coronavirus. Besides that, EA is yet to officially announce any such change. The reason might be that they never really announced a release date for the game.

Where will you be able to play FIFA 21?

The game will be available on Xbox, PlayStation and of course, PC. These AAA titles always cost at least $50 to $60 and hence, FIFA 21 will also be in this price range.

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What are the new features in FIFA 21?

Now, fans look forward to having new features and enhanced gameplay. This would mean, the developers will bring new things this time too. This time, more famous people would become a part of the game. For instance, David Beckham and other famous players could possibly be a part of the series as FIFA comes out.

Besides this, VOLTA mode will also be in the game. It will be coming back as it was very well received in the 20th FIFA. The VAR might also get more features and much more enhanced gameplay elements could be introduced.

Fans are expecting a lot from this FIFA and hope that it will bring its charm yet again. This whole series is one of the best-selling ones for EA and fans really love it. Expectations are high so, we will just have to wait and see what they do with this one.