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Fear Grips Tiffany Haddish Whenever She Thinks of Having Children

After the alleged killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, people have been on a racism hunt. The issue has re surfaced again and with much more amount of vigor and determination this time. Protests are widespread all across the world, with statues of slave traders and people preaching white supremacy being taken down. Such is the level of uprising in US, that emergency had to be declared on some days, in order to control the situation, which is slowly going out of hands. Many famous celebrities have made their views clear about the issue. Here is what famous American comedian Tiffany Haddish had to say.

What did Tiffany Haddish say about racism?

Tiffany appeared live on a TV show last night. When asked about having babies, she firstly spoke about how people would ask her when she would have babies cause she was already 40. Haddish replied by saying that although she had planned to but did not want to bring a baby to the world which looked like her. She knew that her baby would be subject to intense torture, pressure and would ultimately die. Tiffany became emotional when she uttered the above lines and was almost crying on live Television. She along with the host discussed on how to tackle the issues concerned with racism. They said that differences would definitely be there but a common ground in terms of appeasement was necessary to stop this brutality that is going on.

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What did Tiffany say about her childhood?

Haddish said that she grew up in South Central Los Angeles. When she was a young girl, she had been the direct subject of anti semetic and racist behavior. She had seen many of her friends hunted and ultimately killed by the police officials just because they were dark skinned. At that time all she could do was to request the officials to let them go and requested them not to do it. Such was the abject condition of the society in which she grew up. And now after so many years, the society is just reverting back to the same position.

Why did she attend George Floyd’s funeral?

Haddish believed in the cause for which Floyd died. In order to show her solidarity and support, to the rest of his family, Tiffany attended the funeral. It was a show of respect for a soul who had lost his life unnecessarily to police brutality and an age old social evil.