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Fauda: Season 4 Cast, Release Date, Trailer and Expected Stotyline

Fauda is an Israeli TV show which first premiered in February 2015. Created by Lior Raz and Avi Issacharoff this show received a lot of attention from the audience when it was released. 

Recognizing its popularity among the fans and the positive reviews that it received various awards at the Israeli Academy Awards in multiple categories. The action series has till now successfully been renewed for 3 seasons until now. 

Read ahead to know about further updates regarding the series.

When Will Fauda Season 4 Release on Netflix?

The show is still not confirmed for another season by Netflix. But according to the co-creators, there will be a season 4. The work had been started early on the show but is paused due to the current situation. The late the production starts the more likely it will get delayed. So we are looking for a release date in 2021 in the summer. Which might be changed who knows. 

Who Could We See in Fauda Season 4?

Our best guess will be that the main characters will be back for the new season. There is no confirmation about the cast yet. The previous cast of Fauda included Doron Kavillio, Taufiq Hammed, Walid Al-Abed, Shirin Al-Abed, Captain Gabi Ayub, Mickey Moreno, Gali Kavillio, Nassrin Hamed, Boaz, Naor, Nurit, Steve Pinto, and Avihai.

Is There Any Trailer for the Upcoming Season?

A trailer for the next season seems very unlikely at the moment. However, we could get one if the production stars after the lockdown get over. 

Fauda Season 4: What Is the Plot of the Show?

This is based on the Israeli Defence Forces of which the creator had talked before. There is an army unit under the command of Doron who try to stop the terrorist. The antagonist somehow plans to attack his brother’s marriage. Doron then does what needs to be done, to join into IDF and then protect his brother’s marriage and let it happen with peace. The viewers must be wondering what the fourth season is about.

What Ratings Did Fauda Have?

This show is one of the popular international shows that has a heavy fan following. The rating of the show speaks for itself. With an IMDB rating of 8.3, you can’t go wrong with it. It successfully managed to receive a 100% rotten tomatoes rating meaning it is a fresh show for any new viewer. 

Fauda is currently streaming on the streaming giant Netflix. Happy Binging!!

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