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Fau-G New Game Is All Set to Launch Soon in Support of Atmanirbhar Where Akshay Kumar Has Also Tweeted About FAU-G Game

The situation between India and China on the borders has been very volatile since the Galwan Valley attack. Since then the diplomatic relationships between the Indian and their China counterparts have been at an all-time low. Trade sanctions have been imposed on the movement of goods from one country to another. Indian Government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken a bold step by banning some of the most popular Chinese apps on the Internet. The one’s which have garnered the most amount of uprising are Tiktok and recently PUBG. The game launched by Tencent had become a phenomenon for the Indian users becoming the highest-grossing game in the history of Android gaming. However, India looks to repair the damage to some extent.

Introduction of Fau-G

India has gone to the damage control mode. They have now introduced their version of the PUBG Mobile and PC game called Fau-G. This game is based on the valiant efforts of the Indian soldiers on the border. It describes a more realistic situation of the daily threats that our soldiers encounter on the battlefield while waging battles with their counterparts. The game is designed in the mould of the famous third-person shooter and is also available in online multiplayer mode. The game is expected to roll out by the month of October. Akshay Kumar has been made the brand ambassador for promoting the game in the country. 20% of the revenue generated from the game is expected to go to the Bharat Ke Veer Trust, an organisation which looks after the welfare of the soldiers.

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What did Akshay Kumar Say?

Akshay Kumar in the promotional campaigns has said that the gaming culture in India has developed and blossomed into a whole new level after PUBG’s inception. In order to maintain that same spirit, the Indian government is looking to launch this game. The main idea behind this game is to promote the message of Atmanirbhar Bharat, an initiative launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his media briefings. Akshay also said that it will make the youth learn about the kind of difficult circumstances that the Indian soldiers are made to go through on a regular basis.

Loss of Income for Gaming LiveStreamers

The Gaming Livestreamers have landed in jeopardy after the banning of PUBG. Some of their income flows to the tune of 40-50 lac per month has completely stopped. Some other lower bracket streamers use to earn around 2 lac per month. They have been the most affected by the decision.