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Fasting Along With Vitamin C Helping to Cure Anti-Cancer Patients

Cancer has been a menacing curse for humanity for centuries now. A disorder that is still considered untreated, the occurrence of it causes a slow and painful death. The application of chemotherapy only causes a delay in the process of tumor generation. But that is not a wholehearted treatment to replace the cancer cells in the body.

However, some recent studies are now looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. This has come in the form of a recent discovery which if properly implemented can cure cancer. The following are some details about the discovery of extraordinary theory.

Where Was the Study Developed and What Does It State?

Recent reports in leading health magazines state that some research was conducted in the FOM institute of Cancer in Italy and Southern University of California. According to such reports, cancer can be cured with a combination therapy of fasting and vitamin C. Tests were conducted on mice. It stated that the tests had regenerative impacts on their bodies. The injection of the therapeutic drug leads to delay in tumor generation and disease regression. The efficient use of the drug and vaccine can thus help to cure patients of cancer.

How Does the Treatment Work?

We know that fasting is not a viable option for any cancer patient. However, they are restricted to low-calorie plant-like diet. Stimulants generated due to this diet has the same effect on the body as Fasting. This helps in the protection of normal cells. In addition to that Vitamin C will also be used. Initial reports of its use received negative reviews. But now the emphasis is being laid on its vigorous use. Earlier the use of Vitamin C protected the cancer cells in the body. This led to KRAS mutation in the genes which ultimately led to the production of ferritin. This particle had a lot of iron-binding particles to it. It led to the ultimate protection of the cancer cells and the disruption of normal cells. Now however studies suggest that if it is incorporated along with fasting, it kills the cancer cells with immediate impact.

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What Is the Future of This Treatment?

In various laboratories of cancer research, the trails were first conducted in the bodies of mice. However, later human trials were conducted. A few prostate cancer and breast cancer patients were evaluated and the treatment was injected in their bodies. Positive impacts show the healing capacity of the treatment thus discovered.