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Fans Waiting for Gears of War 6: When Will It Come out in the Gaming World? Know It’s Release Date and Plot

Gears of War series has achieved a lot ever since it came out. The most recent one was Gears of War 5. It was actually the sixth instalment of the series and it became very popular among gamers. The game of released last years and really provided everyone with a tight gameplay and awesome story. Players were really happy with it, hence, they are expecting Gears of War 6 now.

When is Gears of War 6 releasing?

Okay, there is no update on the release date of the game. Usually, after a game is released, it takes some time to develop a new one. Here, we can expect a 2-3 year gap between Gears 5 and Gears 6. Let’s face it, Gears of War 4 and 5 had a gap of around 3 years. The fourth one was released in 2016 while the fifth came out in 2019. With that added, we can say that Gears 6 may come out in 2022 or late 2021.

Platforms for Gears 6

Gears 5 was available on Xbox and PC. Hence, we can expect that Microsoft will do the same with Gears 6. However, the fact is that we will have to wait for some time before we see another Gears of War.

What happened in Gears of War 5?

Okay, in the last Gears of War, we saw that Reyna, Kait’s actual mom, is the swarm queen. She takes on the trio by attacking them. She used Del and JD and uses them to her advantage. Reyna leverages them against Kait. The worst thing about all of this was that Kait was forced to make a tough choice. She could only save one of them. Kait ends up saving the survivor. The other goes to the swarm.

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Now, the cliffhanger comes in. Who died and who lived? Kait saved which one of them and which one was left to die. That is something only players will know.

Besides this, we can assume that the next Gears of War will see everyone in the team trying to take revenge for the death of their friend. Also, we can assume that there will be a lot of hard choices and difficult moments in the next game too.