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Fans Can Check Ghost of Tsushima Some Collectors Edition

The Ghost of Tsushima is an upcoming adventurous game. Sucker Punch Production is the developer of the game and Sony Interactive Entertainment is the publisher.

What Are the Collector’s Edition for Ghost of Tsushima?

The Ghost of Tsushima’s collector’s edition includes three things. They are a war banner, cloth map, and a replica of Jin Sakai’s mask. However, the release of these collector’s edition made fans excited. Sucker Punch is the developer of Ghost of Tsushima. Ghost of Tsushima is the PlayStation’s one of the biggest exclusives.

In addition to the above three things in the collector’s edition, fans can look forward to more things as follows:

  • Firstly, Sakai Mask with Stand
  • Secondly, Cloth Map
  • Thirdly, Ghost of Tsushima Digital Mini Soundtrack
  • Forth thing, Sashimono (War Banner)
  • Fifthly, Ghost of Tsushima Jin Dynamic Theme
  • Sixth thing, Furoshiki (Wrapping Cloth)
  • Next, 48-page Mini Art Book by Dark Horse
  • Eight things, 1 Technique Point*
  • Next, Charm of Hachiman’s Favor*
  • Tenth thing, Hero of Tsushima Skin Set*: Golden Mask, Body Armor, Sword Kit, Horse, Saddle
  • Next, Director’s Commentary*: The creative team sits down with a renowned Japanese historian to look at the world of Ghost of Tsushima and how it compares to the real-life events that inspired it
  • After that Ghost of Tsushima Samurai Theme*in-game items unlocked via story progression
  • Lastly, Ghost of Tsushima Jin Avatar
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What Is the Release Date of Ghost of Tsushima?

Developers announced July 26, 2020, as the release date of Ghost of Tsushima. As a result, this is the great news for the fans of Ghost of Tsushima. This game will be available on PlayStation 4 for $59.99. But, the trailer of this game released some two months back.

Mainly, the trailer focused on Jin Sakai, The hero. Additionally, the trailer included the journey of Jin Sakai and the people who met him during his journey. Jin Sakai experiences threats and gets transformed into a new kind of warrior. The trailer also included the allies and enemies of Jin Sakai.

What Are the Two Things That Are Focused on the Trailer?

Apart from Jin Sakai, there are two main things focused on the trailer. Firstly, Shimura, the Lord of Tsushima. He is the uncle of Jin Sakai. Shimura was also Jin’s trainer since childhood. He taught samurai to Jin in a traditional way.

Secondly, Khotun Khan, a leader of the invading Mongol army. He is the biggest and cunning enemy. Khotun Khan knows everything about samurai and tries to destroy samurai.

Another great news for the fans of Ghost of Tsushima that they can pre-order it on PlayStation. PlayStation 4 also has previous editions of this game.