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Fans Are Excited for as “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” Announced for PS5

There has been plenty of buzz regarding the release of PlayStation 5 as a new gaming console. Sony will be following the footsteps of Microsoft in this regard. Sony released its last model of PlayStation 4 in 2013. This would be a follow up to that release. On similar lines, Microsoft too launched the Xbox One in 2013. They would also be releasing the Xbox X series this year. Fans are absolutely thrilled after hearing the news that Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales would be a new game in the franchise.

Marvel’s Spiderman Miles Morales: Gameplay

In the last game released in 2018, we got a glimpse of the world of Spiderman. This year Marvel in collaboration with Sony would be releasing Spiderman Miles Morales. Those who are Marvel geeks and have seen the movie Into the Spider-verse would be knowing about Miles Morales. We were introduced to this mixed-race Peter Parker, in a completely different universe. Thus we might see the concept of parallel verse travel in this game as well. This game would also offer us the incredible 4d action sequences and graphic propensities that we are usually familiar with Spiderman. Miles would play a significant role in the game. We are also expecting the scores of rivals that our neighborhood Spiderman would have to encounter. With the option of intergalactic travel open, different versions of Spiderman will definitely be seen.

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Marvel’s Spiderman Miles Morales: What Did the Developers Say?

Creators and developers of the game have however confirmed that this will be a much more exciting one that the previous game. With more advanced graphics and brilliant screen display, it would be a perfect foil with PlayStation 5. Spiderman got a huge boost after it made a record-breaking appearance in the Marvel movies. After reposing the faith of the Superhero, creators of Marvel decided to make a standalone game on the hero.

Marvel’s Spiderman Miles Morales: Release

Marvel’s Spiderman Miles Morales is set to arrive when the PlayStation 5 console will release. It is expected that the gaming console would launch sometime around this fall. Till then we have to hold our Spider-sense together, however much it tingles.