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Fans Are Eagerly Waiting For K-Drama “Rugal” Is It Going To Happen? Check Whats Cooking

“Rugal”, A K-pop drama revolves around a police officer who lost almost everything including the love of his life.

THE SUMMARY OF K-Drama “Rugal”

The officer loses his eyes as well when he tries to eradicate criminals and somehow accused of being a murderer.

The drama revolves around him using artificial eyes which are being produced by the company ” Rugal”.


The K-Drama sounds to be pretty good as we will be able to see many of the K-Stars, but the most important one which you definitely need to remember is Choi Jin-Hyuk who is going to play the main lead.

The drama is going to be released on 16th March 2020 which is just great news for the fans as it’s a drama people were looking forward to.


The drama is going to be entertaining one as the trailer has just come out and it looks pretty good.

A man who is fighting for what he lost and with his artificial eyes, he is on his way to make them suffer who make him lose everything.

So, Fans need to wait for the upcoming drama though but one thing is for sure that the movie is going to be worth waiting for.

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The first look of the movie is looking quite a promising one and with that, we had the action in good proportion with each and every emotion pour down in a clear and distinct manner.

With, technology backing up the protagonist and the artificial eyes there is definitely going to be a very sophisticated one and with that, we are going to have drama also with the loss of his loved one, we are definitely going to have a Korean John Wick for sure.

So, it’s going to be a competition to see which one of them is better in terms of almost everything but if we have to take a guess then it’s for sure that the movie is going to be more emotional than John Wick as the trailer of the movie has just revealed the intense love of the protagonist through the music and of course, the way the actor has just revealed his emotions.

So, let’s see which one is going to be the best.