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Fans Are Eager to Know the Release Date of the Batman by Matt Reeves

There are plenty of movies and spin-offs coming this way from DC this year but the one which has grabbed the most attention is “Batman” starring Robert Pattinson. The Twilight star has been selected to save Gotham and it’s going to be a trilogy as the producers have decided that way.

What’s the status??

This time Ben Affleck has rejected the offer of being the Batman after “Justice League”. So, this time DC has decided to give the role to someone else. The latest Batman movie is going to be released on 25 June 2021 which is a kind of expected date of release given by Warner Bros which then again depends on the start of filming.

The filming started by late 2019 and was able to go from there to full swing but the pandemic has stopped the whole thing. So, it’s a chance that the movie is going to be released somewhat letter.

The Plot

The movie is planned to not keep PG 13. Although, R rated movies as Joker and Suicide Squad has become quite mainstream and was also able to create an impact commercially but this time it’s not going to be that way. Warner Bros has confirmed that. The movie is going to have Penguin, Catwoman and Riddler could be there appearing as villains and each one will leave a clue type thing which in someway indicates towards a crime thriller kind of movie from Matt Reeves.

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So, the story could be from ” Hush” where the villain could remain as the main culprit against Batman, “Knightfall” where Bane breaks his back or it could be “Arkham Origins” which will be directly focused towards a number of assassination and then again. The detective aspect will be there. The timeline hasn’t been decided for the movie though which is a big deal, we will get a hold of it pretty soon.