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Famous Singer Adele: Loses 140 Million in Her Divorce Lawsuit Against Her Husband. Full News on the Custody of Her Child

Relationships and Breakups are a part and parcel of human life. When indulging in romance, people never do realize the gravity of a situation after marriage. However when they do face the real test, majority of them crumble under the intense pressure of expectations. Divorce and Multiple Marriages are a common thing in the glamourous world of Hollywood. With an ultra modern cultural change, polygamy has now become a very common phenomenon. No amount of feminine instinct can really stop this habit functional for hundreds of years now.

Famous British singer Adele, had to go through one such phase in her life recently. She was under the intense scrutiny of Los Angeles Courtroom.

Losing $140 million over the lawsuit

Adele is a famous British singer who has recorded a number of classic albums. She has earned millions of dollars through her ventures. Touted as one of the greatest singers in British history, she has earned a fortune of fame and money over the years. Marrying music director, Simon Konecki in 2016, she was a leading a perfectly happy life. But all hell broke loose in 2019, when she underwent a divorce. Their marriage fell apart like a house of cards. Adele was confronted with a lawsuit and a total claim of around $140 million. She had also given up her $45 million Beverly Hills residence, which was quite an expensive penthouse facility. Simon too had to give up a majority of his property in order to settle the claims.

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What about Angelo’s future?

Simon and Adele has a 7 year old son in Angelo. Both of them have agreed that they would raise their child in the most appropriate manner. Thus they have not let their divorce affect the mental psyche of their child. Keeping their divorce news private and discreet is their main objective. They have also requested the media to not ask any questions to them about it when their child is around. Angelo‚Äôs embarrassment would then be a big cause of concern for their parents. Although they are divorced, Adele and Simon have decided to work together when their child’s future is at stake.

How is Adele recuperating after the divorce?

Adele mentioned that the divorce did take a toll on her mental health and well being. For the past couple of years, things were not going good between them. She also said that making music was a sort of remedy and therapeutic treatment for her.