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Famous Funeral Coffin Dance video which is trending everywhere in this Quarantine Season

Social media is full of a funeral video in which coffin is being carried by a group of people on their shoulders who are dancing with a coffin on their shoulder. These are called dancing pallbearers who in the video are dropping to the floor, spinning around and, at one point, even throwing the casket in the air. These videos are being extensively used by memers to make memes from them and are increasingly becoming famous.

Many of the them making funny jokes on astronomia coffin meme

The original name of the song of coffin meme video is astronomia 2k19 (radio edit)


The video is actually from Ghana where these dancing pallbearers are famous and are hired by people to celebrate the lives of their loved ones after they pass away. The pallbearers in the video are dancing in the funeral of Elizabeth Annan’s mother. According to Elizabeth Annan, she wanted to give her mother a dancing trip to her maker. As the video is used by memers to make people laugh, it also helping the people of Ghana as it is creating employment for people of Ghana. The pallbearers are known as Benjamin’s company and have employed more than 100 people.

Dancing pallbearers started in Ghana a few years ago. The funeral in Ghana was first mentioned by American blogger in January 2015 when the troupe performed in her mother-in-law funeral in which he mentioned that these type of dancing funeral stretch for three days and he was overwhelmed to see the talent of those young people performing.

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